Saturday, 4 March 2017

True Line Trains SW1200RS News

True Line Trains has announced considerable changes in their plans regarding the long awaited release of their SW1200RS road switchers.  Several models, road names, colour schemes and engine numbers have been changed, or dropped from their initial announcement.

Those of you who have pre-ordered TLT SW1200RS models should study the new list of TLT offerings and re-select your model as Caboose Coffee Hobbies will cancel all previous orders for this model and re-submit, based on your revised choices.  Each of our customers who have pre-ordered these models will be contacted.

The latest list of expected SW1200RS is shown below.  Please note that there are no offerings in the 1954 Green and Yellow scheme and no CP units.  So far, TLT is offering this model in two paint scheme variations and six numbers.

These models will come with ESU DCC/DC decoders.  Straight DC and non-sound units are not included in this release.

As provided in the TLT brochure below, purchasers will be responsible for the addition of ditch lights, wind deflectors, rotary beacon, storm windows and watchman heaters to their models.

To order, or re-order your SW1200RS
or to order TLT CN Wood Chip Cars 
call 250-914-0200

Monday, 20 February 2017

(unofficial) ANNOUNCEMENT (sort of)

Last Run of Canadian Wood Cabooses and Vans.
There may be some American caboose cars (vans) too, but we can't say until there's an official announcement.  In fact, there may be some CP cabooses and vans as well, but the only ones shown on TLT's website are CN, CV and GTW Anniversary Special, of which there are just a few left.  Where did they all go?

The latest (last) run of these little gems are listed at $59.99.

Caboose Coffee Hobbies will only bring in firm orders that are backed by a non-refundable deposit of $30.00.

Call us at 250-914-0200 to place your order
Payment can be made using PayPal, postal or bank money order.  Customers with established Caboose Coffee Hobbies accounts can pay by cheque.

photos thanks to True Line Trains website
Thank you

Saturday, 18 February 2017