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CN 1999 Motive Power Review



  • The Northern Alberta Railways (2) - Colin Hatcher
  • Canadian Pacific In The Rockies, Volumes 1 through 10 inclusive,  - D.M. Bain
  • Canadian Pacific In The East, Volume 1  - Omer Lavallee
  • The Canadian Pacific in the West Vol. 1   DM Bain and DR Phillips
  • Memories of Canadian Pacific Steam Power  - Jim Hope and Donald Bain
  • Canadian Pacific and Canadian National in the Interior of British Columbia - E. Ottewell
  • Canadian Pacific in the Selkirks, 100 Years in the Rogers Pass - Jan Booth
  • Railways of the West Kootenay Part 1 Vol 2 - C & G Doekson
  • Railways of the West Kootenay Vol. 2 G Doekson (different from above)
  • Kettle Valley Railway Vol 1 - G. Doekson 
  • Railways of the Boundary Vol 4 - G. Doekson
  • Trainscape. Diesel Electrics in Ontario 1968 - 1978 Juris Zvidris.
  • British Columbia Railway Vol 1. Timothy Horton  
  • British Columbia Railway Vol 2. T. Horton
  • The Pacific Great Eastern Railway Vol. 1 - T. Horton
  • The Pacific Great Eastern Railway Vol 2  - T. Horton
  • The Pacific Great Eastern Railway Vol. 3 - T. Horton. 
  • Canadian National and Canadian Pacific in Northern Ontario  D. Wilson and G. Jomini
  • Canadian Pacific's Big Hill.  100 years of Operation. Floyd Yeats
  • Canadian Pacific in Manitoba. Vol 1 .  L.A. Stuckey
  • Canadian Pacific in Manitoba. Vol 2 .  L.A. Stuckey
  • Canadian Pacific in Alberta and Saskatchewan Vol 1 Bohi and Kozma
  • Canadian Pacific from Calgary to Edmonton Vol 1. Brian McLoughlin
  • Canadian Pacific's Kettle Valley Railway - Joe Smuin
  • Canadian Pacific's Rossland Subdivision - WG Kennedy
  • The Canadian. Canadian Pacific's Last Transcontinental Passenger Train - Ness and Bain
  • Canadian Pacific in Southern Ontario - Rossiter
  • Canadian Pacific's Electric Lines. Grand River and the Lake Erie and Northern Roth and Clack.
  • Canadian Pacific in the Okanagan and Kootenay Valleys   Last Days of Steam.  Jim Hope
  • Canadian Pacific in the Selkirks, Vol 2 - Roger Steed
  • Canadian Pacific in Southern BC.  The Boundary Subdivision. WG Kennedy
  • Canadian Pacific's Trans-Canada Limited 1919 - 1930   Garry Anderson
  • Railways of the West Kootenay Part 2 Vol 3  G. Doekson
  • Those Beautiful 'C' Liners by Jim Hope   First Edition


With consist compendium

55.00 for 3 volume set






Hard cover
Condition: Fine in fine dust jacket. This copy of Asian Dream. The Pacific Rim and Canada's National Railway., by Donald MacKay, is a hardcover, published by Douglas and McIntyre [#0-88894-501-9, 1986, 1st edition. 

$18.95.00 plus S&H

 Worn, but in good condition
1979 edition good condition.  A social, as well as historical view of the Grand Trunk Pacific and the people of the Robson Valley.  Marilyn Wheeler.

Hard cover
$27.95 plus S&H


First Edition 2003 Hard cover
As New 
$79.95 plus S&H


As New First Edition 2009 Hard cover 
by Dale Sanders
Hard to Find
$119.00 plus S&H

As New Hard cover 
$47.95 plus S&H

As New Hard cover
$99.00 plus S&H


VG condition Hard cover
$112.95 plus S&H

Soft cover As New
$59.00 plus S&H

 A history of trolleys in Victoria and Saanich, BC
Hard cover, used but in very good condition
$10.00 plus S&H

CP Rail Review

$36.95 plus S&H


$15.95 plus S&H


Lines of Country
A coffee table Atlas of rail lines and waterways in Canada
Good condition, no dust jacket
$125.00 plus SH

Wheat Kings by Greg McDonnell
Vanishing Landmarks of the Canadian Prairies

VG condition
$39.95 plus S&H

The Heritage of North American Steam Railroads
Brian Solomon
Shrink wrapped

$22.00 plus S&H